Do you know what cryptocurrencies are with 2018 future? So far this year, many experts have addressed the issue of how cryptocurrencies should be used as an investment mechanism, because of a large number of people are showing excellent results.

However, some people are skeptical and argue that it is not advisable to invest in virtual currencies.

From our point of view, we recommend using some digital currencies as an investment system, however, we will show you a short list of cryptocurrencies with 2018 future.

Let's see what are the cryptocurrencies with 2018 future: those that aim to be more profitable and popular in the world of virtual currencies.


Currently, the Bitcoin (BTC) has already overcome the barrier of 7,000 US $. But it is indisputable that its flood has greatly favored the people who made made the investment in this virtual currency, even said to continue rising for 2018.

The BTC is the cryptocurrency with the greatest potential to invest in the medium and long term.


Ethereum was negotiated at the end of last year at about US $ 50, today its price ranges between US $ 300 and US $ 315. And is that this cryptocurrency also has high potential, because it bases its business on smart contracts, a market That has had a large deployment.

Bitcoin Cash

The struggle in the BTC community ended with the appearance of a version of Bitcoin, we do not refer to Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which had 24 hours after being launched, presented an increase of 52%, climbing to US $ 458, becoming the third market capitalization currency.

And probably it is considered trading between US $ 398 and US $ 400, it is considered one of the cryptocurrencies with 2018 future, since it is to have a patron objective for the coming year of $ 518.


It is one of the virtual currencies with the most market capitalization, which at the end of 2017 was trading around US $ 0.20, and although today it is quoted at almost the same price, Ripple has aroused special interest in users, thanks to the fact that the bank Santander UK made a large investment in this cryptocurrency.


In recent months, the Litecoin has not been able to demarcate from the range of US $ 44 to US $ 57.7, but it is really a solid cryptomeda, because it has several years in the market and also the price to invest is not very high.

According to the specialists, his goal for the next year is US $ 71, so investing at about US $ 45 can be interesting.

Finally, these are the 5 cryptocurrencies with 2018 future. Now, what do you think is the right one to invest? Share it with us!

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