It is not that the anime is hitting hard, it is that it has never stopped doing it. Japanese animation has been increasing its number of fans, its quality and its broadcasting ratio for years. Complicated choosing between so much offer. Luckily, here we are to do the screening. We are not tremendous critics, but we see everything so that you only see the cream. That is, the 34 best anime series 2019.
And it is that, between so much anime that arrives from Japan, also slip a lot of clunkers. And of course, you stick to one that has 200 chapters and the seriéfilo calendar bothers you. For this reason, it does not hurt to have a guide with recommendations, that you avoid losing a time that we do not have. Hence, this list with the 34 best anime series 2019. And if you do not like it, you tell us and we discuss it.

The 30 best anime series 2019

And best of all, with summer just around the corner, your free time will increase considerably. Do not waste it. Take advantage of the 34 best anime series 2019. However, before launching for the news, we leave you some recent recommendation but not this year. For example, Assassination Classroom. The story of a strange alien who threatens to destroy Earth within a year. During that period of time, he is committed to teaching a class of students, how to stop him. That is to say, to train a class to turn them into assassins.
A surprising anime, fun and exciting, with two round seasons and a final in style. A series in which values are above adventure or fun. A manual for anyone who is dedicated to teaching.


Dororo will arrive at Amazon Prime during this year 2019, based on the manga of Osamu Tezuka in 1967. In this anime you can meet Hyakkimaru, who was offered as soon as 48 devils were born by his warrior father, who divided his body into 48 parts. Hyakkimaru was rebuilt by a doctor with 48 children's corpses and he set himself the goal of recovering his body, so he had to face the 48 demons.

Boogiepop and others

It is an adaptation of several Japanese novels and they have compiled in 'Boogiepop and others'. In it you will see that there is talk about the urban legend of the god of death, shinigami, who frees people from pain. It all begins when disappearances of female students begin to emerge.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

This movie is known in U.S as Dragon Ball Super, which is written by Akira Toriyama and is directed by Tatsuya Nagamine. This time you can see how they introduce the story of Legendary Saiyan.


This anime is directed by Goro Taniguch, produced by Fuji TV and you can see it on Netflix. In this case, the protagonist is a student -said when he was a child- and together with his friends he will travel to the future, being able to change or mark the future of the world.

Death Note

What would it be like to have a notebook in which if you write down someone's name while you visualize their face, this person will die within 40 seconds? The premise of Death Note is already interesting by all accounts. Its execution, simply, is masterful. 37 episodes of emotions at all levels and one of the best intellectual duels in the history of the Anime: Light Yagami against L. And yes, the Netflix live-action movie has been a failure but for trying to contain everything in a single tape, when the plot was for a trilogy or, better yet, for a series with real actors. By the way, there are demons. Many. Tremendos

Dragon Ball

Akira Toriyama did not imagine that back in 1986 he was making history thanks to Son Gokuh. A superhero that we have known since childhood, even when he had a tail, and that we have seen growing up, forming a family, saving the world several times and giving life to it. Between Anime, Manga, OVAs and others, the amount of sagas and material that there is Dragon Ball is almost impossible to collect. By the way, despite its Japanese origin, its creator chose to give Son Gokuh the appearance of a Chinese shaolin monk. Akira Toriyama sought with this touch, that Gokuh was at

Knights of the Zodiac

One of the series that has marked more generations around the world. Knights of the Zodiac emerged in 1986 from the hand of Masami Kurumada. Sanctuary, Asgard, Poseidón and Hades occupy the 114 chapters of the Anime. Now, it has numerous OVAs, as well as sequels or video games. How would Saint Seiya's fame be that even Michael Jackson declared himself an Anime fan? Moreover, it is rumored that his wardrobe on the History tour, was inspired by the armor of some bronze knights.

One Piece

He started his career in 1995. And so far. Eiichiro Oda has, so far, 605 chapters and is still active. As to not be. It is the best selling Manga in the history of Japan, and tells us how Monkey D. Luffy, an elastic pirate like few, aspires to become the King of the Pirates. While he achieves it or not, he will live a series of adventures that will make him mature greatly.


366 episodes had Ichigo Kurosaki to find maximum power or hidden power. Created by Tite Kubo, Bleach always gave the feeling of being one step ahead of the fan. And wow, I was. As it has transpired, several parallel planes of existence come together in the series. From the future, to a curious hell, passing through the world of humans. I said, one step ahead.

Captain Tsubasa

Oliver and Benji revolutionized the world of football, especially in Japan. There, this sport was a minority but, after the invasion of Captain Tsubasa, it began to grow and the Japan Team took an incredible leap of quality, to sneak assiduously into the World Cups. Their endless matches, their special shots and some players are already the history of Japanese animation.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most acclaimed Animes by public and critics. In it, Edward and Alphonse are two adolescent alchemists who, for trying to revive their mother, lost an arm and a leg (Edward), and the whole body (Alphonse), so he has his soul tied to an armor. The plots, the stories and, above all, some wonderful fights, have elevated him to the Olympus of the best Animes.

Ranma 1/2

Rumiko Takahashi surprised both locals and strangers with a rare but hypnotic story. Ranma is a young warrior who, after falling into a magical lake, becomes a girl every time he gets wet. To return to its being, it requires hot water. If to this quality, we add a plot of entanglement, with a lot of comedy, a lot of battles and, above all, adolescent protagonists, hormones and, on some occasion, nudes, success is assured.

High School of Dead

A zombie that devastates where it happens. Daisuke Sato created this closed miniseries with only 12 episodes. A finite story, different and most original, compared to the usual Animes. And, in this case, High School of Dead tells how to start a zombie apocalypse, focusing on a group of students who struggle to survive. All normal, except for one small detail: the proximity to the Hentai of its female protagonists. Voluptuous bodies, resounding and exaggeratedly sensual, dressed in tight, minimal and provocative clothes. And it is that you can fight against zombies and be sexy. It is not incompatible. Nor is it that a closed miniseries, four years later, announces a sequel. That's what he liked and people want more.

Assassination Classroom

A jewel of forced viewing. A story that goes from saving Earth, to teaching some students to kill, to end with a bittersweet feeling. And is that Assassination Classroom is a rollercoaster of emotions, both its characters, and the viewer. The story starts with a monster, who has eaten 70% of the Moon, and now threatens to do the same with the sun. Moreover, give a year of margin for someone to stop him. The problem is that it moves 20 times at the speed of light and that conventional weapons do not harm it. Complicated to finish him. That's why Korosensei, that's his name, offers to give classes to 3-E students at the Kunugigaoka secondary school. An elitist center where abusing the weakest is day to day. Why class 3-E? Because they are marginalized students. Until they stop being it. The student who charges the alien, will take 100 million dollars. And so they begin a year of the most exciting course of their lives. A course in which they will realize, not only that it is impossible to kill him, but also that he is the best teacher that anyone will ever have at school. The link that will be created between students and teacher, will be increasingly complicated to break


Fourth season of the successful saga based on the manga of Hideaki Sorachi. In this installment, Gintoki, Shinpachi and Kagura will join forces with the previous Jouishishi to save Takasugi and Kamui. One of the most anticipated anime and best rated by users of My Anime List with a bestial 9.15 on average.

Kuzu no Honkai

If you want a romantic series and ribbons, Kuzu no Honkai is the first you should see. The story of a serious and mature romance in the environment of an Institute, but not as we are used to. And is that this anime tries to capture the real problems that couples have in this time of life. High expectations, even bigger disappointments and loves for life, that end up lasting for weeks.

Chaos, Chiald

A new game that adapts to anime version, but this one with graffiti. Chaos Chiald, in its original format, is something like Choose your own adventure. That is, according to the decisions made by the player, the plot will go through one place or another. It remains to be seen how this point will be expressed in the anime, but everything points to seriousness.

Masamune-Kun's revenge

A comedy of the most appetizing of recent years. Masamune Makabe is a young kilos who lives in love with Aki Adachi, the beautiful class. One day, Aki calls him a pig and creates a trauma that will last for years. That day, Masamune Makabe decides to change, take care of himself and become an attractive man like few others. Its objective? Take revenge on Aki Adachi, of course.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

The kingdom of Dowa, composed of 13 states, is preparing to celebrate the 99th birthday of its regent. However, the plot focuses on Jean Otus, an intermediate commander of the ACCA, the agency that is responsible for the safety and normal operation of the different states. A normality that will be altered abruptly during the birthday.

Kemono Friends

The plot of Kemono Friends takes us to the Japari Park, a huge zoo where they make secret experiments. One of them turns some of the caged creatures into the so-called animal girls. In parallel, a boy who is visiting the zoo is lost, and these newly created creatures will help him out of the park.

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen

The Order of Veracruz takes centuries to ensure the safety of the planet, devastated by the presence of demons. Even among his team, Rin Okumura, one of Satan's lieutenants, comes to them. In turn, the King of Filth, a powerful demonic villain, who already destroyed Tokyo a century ago, is released from his prison. It will be time for the apprentices of the Order to show if they are ready for the war between Good and Evil.

Demi-Chan wa Kataritai

For a while now, semi-humans have been integrated into society as normal. In fact, they are known as Demis. This collective integrates creatures such as vampires, snow women or dullahans. Precisely, three of these Demis will enter the life of Tetsuo Takahashi, a Biology professor very interested in the study of this new species.

Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation

The third season of Yowamuchi Pedal: New Generation will lead the Sohoku team to face the generational relay after taking the Interscholastic Championship in the previous season. New players will arrive and, with them, new members to a cycling team that, on this occasion, will be measured to the best runners in the country.

Youjo Nobody

Tanya Degurechaff is a beautiful girl. With thin skin, blue eyes and blonde as an angel, it does not seem to be the right one to be in the front line of war. Where is in this anime. What not everyone knows is that this young woman is the reincarnation of a worker who angered a mystical deity who condemned him to live in another body. Not only that, it also sends him to the front line of battle, to measure his strengths with magicians and soldiers, that is, intelligence and strength, where every day is a battle for survival.

Shingeki no Kyojin (2) – Attack on Titan (2)

The Wit studio has taken time to launch the second season of Attack of Titan, but they wanted to do well. The repercussion of the series has been tremendous and it is not worth it to rush and do it badly. What has this anime to have swept all over the world? The question is, what does not? Action, plot, love, a choral and striking cast. Normal that it is one of the 30 best anime series of 2018. Of course, this second season will only have 12 episodes. At least, since Wit have confirmed that all will be tremendous and there will be moments almost to breathe. Those who follow the manga, will know what the thing is about, because the anime is being faithful to the comic. At the moment They have not done badly, so they should not change.

DanMachi: Sword Oratoria

A new fantasy anime and adventures in which the protagonist is a princess, who always cool. In this case, Aiz Wallenstein, an expert on the sword, who is on her way to La Mazmorra, a labyrinth in which she will meet Bell Cranel, protagonist of another anime, which converges in the same world. By the way, the princess will save you from dying at the hands of the minotaur. From there, what begins as an adventure of action, passes to the field of love. Bill promises eternal love to Princess Aiz but she, in an oriental classic, rejects him coldly throughout the series. Or not? Without a doubt, the love / action combo has taken DanMachi: Sword Oratory to be one of the 30 best anime of 2018.

Boku no Hero Academia 2

768/5000 Boku no Hero Academia went from being a series of tapadillo, to one of the greatest hits of the year. Obviously, its second season, is expected as a planetary event. And that the premise, in principle, did not seem anything new under the sun. A young random who, things in life, discovers that he has powers and can defeat all his enemies. And that's where the topic remains. The story presented us with some glorious characters, some fights as long ago and a Midoriya, the protagonist, with charisma to pull the car. In the second installment, the young man and his friends from the Academy for Heroes will have developed and strengthened their powers, so they will begin to use them. Above all we will be attentive to the new power that Midoriya received and that he still did not control.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

The Pierrot study is going to lengthen Naruto's gum until exhaustion. It does not surprise us. We are talking about one of the best anime in history, so fans of the saga are delighted that they continue with her. In this case, the plot centers on Boruto, Naruto's son. The young man will introduce us his world, his day to day and, as in the case of his father years ago, his friends. And enemies. Obviously, Naruto, as Hokage is, will be a regular character in the series. He will even have to intervene more than once, to the delight of those who remain faithful.

Eromanga Sensei

His name does not deceive. Eromanga Sensei is an erotic comedy, very soft, that gave its audience a round season, but with an ending that angered many people. And that we will not count. Still, it gives him to sneak in among the 30 best animes of 2018. Eromanga Sensei tells the story of Masamune Izumi, a young student, passionate about literature, who is also a novel writer. Masamune works with an illustrator for his books, whom he has never seen in person, but whose erotic designs are excellent and key to the success of his works. His life will change when he discovers the identity of the illustrator and how close he has always been to him.


After a glorious premiere, Berserk returns with a second installment that promises the same, multiplied by two. That is to say, a dark history, with a lot of action and violence. In this case, the protagonist, Guts, wants Casca to stay in a safe area, but the unexpected appearance of Griffith, and the bad news it carries, will change the full meaning of the story. Despite the artistic turn that Berserk has given this season, it remains, on its own merits, among the 20 best animes of 2017. And if you like blood, viscera and casquero, you can not stop applauding their struggles. Worthy of a psychopath.


Original and funny story in which we will follow Yato, a god of calamity during low hours, because he does not get his number of followers to increase. Not even start. His problem is that he does not have a physical space where he can be adored. This is complicated. His luck changes when Hiyori, a young and enthusiastic student, becomes a ghost after a fatal accident. As soon as you know each other, sparks will jump and together they will seek to achieve their objectives. Yato, be a reference god. Hiyori, recover your normal life, with flesh, bones, blood and those things. By uniqueness and humor, Noragami sneaks into the 30 best animes of 2018 on their own merits.

Kono Suba

Kazuma Sato is a hikikimori who lives in one of the many rural areas on the outskirts of Japan. Well, he lived because he died saving a girl from a fatal hit. After dying, Kazuma Sato meets Aqua, a mysterious young woman who offers to resuscitate him but not on Earth, but in another parallel and fantasy world. A world where your favorite MMORPGs are. Obviously, accept without thinking. It will not take long to realize that his decision has not been entirely correct. And it is that he will go from a comfortable life in the room of his parents' house, to having to fight to survive day by day in a new world for him.

Renai Boukun – Love Tyrant

Up to four characters star in this choral comedy. Four characters from which two couples will come, thanks to the Cupid Notebook: the Kiss Note. Nothing is casual. The owner of the Kiss Note, Guri, is a dysfunctional Cupid who matches whoever she wants, not like-minded people. Love does not triumph but it does generate some of the most fun situations. And yes, as you have guessed, it is a tremendous parody of Death Note, changing death for love. And beware, that the premise is innocent of the beginning, becoming entangled and making this anime, one of the 30 best of 2018.


Re-Creators is the story of how everyone can be a creator. A strange concept, complicated to understand but that if you end up catching, it will make you feel something that few animes get.

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